The History And Evolution Of The Diet Pill

A diet pill seems to be the best solution to anyone that wishes to lose weight without at the same time expending much effort in achieving normal body weight. The popularity of the diet pill can be gauged by the amount of advertising that goes into selling the many benefits that users of these pills hope to achieve. Rather than trusting blindly in advertised claims it makes more sense to take a dispassionate view of the pros and cons of such wonder pills so that you know at the very outset what you are letting you in for.


Maiden Appearance


The first diet pill to hit the market made its maiden appearance somewhere in the early nineteen hundreds when many people that had become overweight were given a simple solution that would help them shed those unwanted pounds. Scientists had already established the fact that weight gain was mainly due to overeating and so the search had begun to come up with a simple solution to help people eat less.


The early diet pill was not a versatile pill and nor was it unobtrusive as is the case with the modern version. The solution proffered by those early scientists was to place some benzocaine on the patient’s tongue which would leave a bad taste in the mouth and consequently would lead to killing of further craving for more food. However, a similar and alternative solution could also have been tried which was to wash the mouth with soap or some other foul matter.


The next step in the evolution of the diet pill took place when it was found that it was better to fool the pain into believing that the stomach was full and therefore there was no further need to eat any more food. The drug ‘speed’ was supposed to do this and so was incorporated in the second version of the early diet pill. Besides causing side effects, this type of diet pill did not find favor with the public and so failed miserably.


Another development in the diet pill took place when thyroid hormones were used in order to increase rate of metabolism.

Whichever kind of diet pill is used, even if it is supposedly the best diet pill available, there is still an urgent need that you first of all understand what the risks to your health is before proceeding further with consuming these pills. Often, some of these diet pills contain matter that when combined with certain medications will harm your health. It is therefore better to look for alternatives to the diet pill so that you can lose weight without needlessly risking your health in the quest to lose weight without expending too much effort.

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