Key to Safety with FDA Approved Diet Pills

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is the organization responsible for verifying the safety of foods and drugs in the United States. A stamp of approval requires years of testing and retesting under tough standards, so consumers buying any FDA-approved products can rest assured that their products will work as advertised. Hundreds of companies are marketing diet pills, not only because of the recent surge in obesity in the industrialized world, but also because people have always wanted to become thinner. Most of these products have not met FDA approval. Any consumers purchasing non-FDA panded products should be severely warned that they may be unsafe to use. FDA approved diet pills, while still few in number, have proven to be effective and safe for losing weight.


Over the Counter


Just recently (in early 2007), the first OTC, or over-the-counter, FDA approved diet pill hit the markets. OTC drugs don't require prescriptions, and while they are generally toned down from their prescription counterparts, they are still fairly effective. The FDA approved diet pill Alli is rated to help users lose as much as 50% more weight than with diet and exercise alone, although as with most diet pills, diet and exercise are still heavily recommended. Many people are skeptical of the authenticity of diet pills, but when an organization like the FDA says that a product works, that approval lends products a lot of respect. Alli is an effective drug to help you lose weight without the dangerous side effects found in many unpanded drugs.


Consumers should definitely be wary of unpanded drugs as there is no way to verify their safety. What is worse than unpanded drugs are the ones that have failed the FDA tests. FDA approved diet pills are safe for consumers (unless, like Alli, they warn that certain groups of people, like select senior citizens should not use their products), but unpanded drugs can often lead to nasty side effects like internal bleeding. However, diet pills are but one tool in the fight against obesity. The safest route has always been a combination of weight loss diets and increased levels of exercise. FDA approved diet pills are just one more tool that can help people lose weight faster. However, even with diet pills, people should expect it to take months to lose all the weight, and so they shouldn't give up hope after just a few months. With a little bit of hard work and the proper tools, anybody can get in shape and be much healthier for their efforts.

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