Prescription Diet Pill: Beware Of Harmful Side Effects

Most people that need to make use of a diet pill have to have these pills prescribed by a doctor, who in turn need to recommend only those prescription diet pills that are proven to be effective and which are also safe to use. Unfortunately, many prescription diet pills that are available on the market today happen to be those that cause harmful side effects, and so to play it safe you should only trust a doctor’s recommendation regarding taking a safe and effective diet pill.


Phentermine, Orilistat And Meridian


The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does periodic checks over many of the available prescription diet pills, and there are certain of these diet pills that have been approved. Among the better prescription diet pills you should check out ones such as Phentermine, Orilistat as well as Meridian.


As mentioned, most prescription diet pills have to be subjected to stringent clinical trials and only those that are approved by the FDA or which doctors consider effective and safe should be tried out; otherwise, the risk of unwanted health problems as well as side effects can make untested diet pills a real health hazard.


One of the latest prescription diet pills that are being sold on the market today is the one known as Xenical that is a drug that has been designed to lower the body’s ability to absorb fat by as much as a third. According to studies conducted regarding safety and efficacy of this prescription diet pill it has been found that continuous use over a year could lead to weight loss of about ten percent.


The only trouble with using Xenical is that it can lead to unwanted side effects of which diarrhea is a good example and this side effect occurs because of non-digestion of body fat. Therefore, when using this prescription diet pill it is also necessary to take low fat diet. Once you have a doctor’s prescription in hand you can then head down to the neighborhood chemist and purchase your supply of prescription diet pills which hopefully will help you lose weight in a reliable as well as safe manner.


The Alli diet pill has been tested and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and as yet, users of this prescription diet pill have not reported any noticeable side effects. However, it is best to use this diet pill along with low fat diet. In addition, you will also need to exercise regularly in order for this prescription diet pill to prove more effective.

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