Get Whipped Into Shape with a Healthy Diet Plan

One of the most talked about epidemics facing the industrialized world today is obesity. It's a serious problem that certainly needs to be looked at from a leadership perspective, but the problem will ultimately only be solved on a personal level. Chances are that you could stand to lose a few pounds, but chances are even greater that you don't know where to start. At the most basic level of weight loss, the best way to shed pounds of fat is a combination of healthier dieting and increased physical activity. Recently, fitness experts started promoting “10,000 steps,” denoting 10,000 steps, or about 5 miles, of walking each day. However, exercise won't get you very far without a healthy diet plan.


Cut Back and Balance


Most people today wouldn't be able to put together a healthy diet plan if a dietician held their hand the entire way. It's unfortunate, but it's a pretty accurate depiction of the state of dieting in the industrialized world. Many people hold misconceptions that simply cutting back is enough in a diet. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg, and it does not even need to be a part of a healthy diet plan. Such a plan needs to be tailor made for your body, taking into account your gender, weight, height, and level of physical activity.


Eat too little, and your metabolism will significantly slow down. It can slow down so much, in fact, that you might actually gain more weight while eating less. 1200 calories daily is often touted as the bare minimum needed to maintain a healthy metabolism, although 1500-1800 calories daily is quite safe for dieting. A healthy diet plan allows you to eat (something everyone loves to do!), and instead of starving yourself, you might find yourself choosing soup and salad over a heart attack burger at the restaurant.


Some people like to advertise “low carb” diet plans, and they will point to how fast people lose weight under these diets. Unfortunately, reducing carbs really only works in the short term, and it carries some pretty hefty health risks in the long run, including heart attack. Losing weight won't do you any good if you face significant and debilitating health risks years down the road. Instead, a healthy diet plan allows you to have some carbs and some fats, but it will put them into balance instead of cutting anything out entirely. Even cholesterol and fat serve useful purposes in our bodies, and while we want to surely limit the amount we consume, we don't want to remove them entirely.

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