Kick Start Weight Loss with Low Carb Diet Plans

Carbohydrates are necessary for body functions. They are the main source of energy for our bodies, and we can quickly convert carbs into energy. You can eat an energy bar, and literally minutes later, you can feel a burst of strength. Low carb diet plans operate on that principle, and you might ask yourself why you would want to limit the amount of energy that you consume. The answer lies in what other ways our bodies receive energy. When you're trying to lose weight, you're trying to burn fat. To burn fat, your body needs to use more energy than it takes in. Fat is basically stored energy, and your body starts burning fat when it doesn't receive enough energy from carbohydrates first. However, low carb diet plans carry some risks that you should be aware of first.


Fast but Dangerous Over Long Times


Low carb diet plans can help you lose weight faster than any other diet plans. Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep the pace up over long stretches, so it should be used as a stopgap solution at most. You may want to alternate your diet if you plan on incorporating low carb principles, so one week you can do low carbs, and then the next you can return carb levels to normal but cut back on fats. Better yet would be simply to use a low carb diet plan to kick off your weight loss journey, changing to a longer term solution after a few weeks.


Low carb diet plans can provide a great deal of encouragement as you shed pounds like crazy in the first few weeks, but they are ultimately dangerous. Prolonged reduction of carbs can lead to increased risk for heart attack. Also, recent evidence suggests that low carb intake can also impair pain functions, but more research needs to be conducted before anything definitive can be concluded. The safer path is to cut fats. While cutting carbs can burn more weight in the short run, cutting fats is the preferred method over the long run. Also, keeping fats out of your body can also decrease the risk for heart attack, stroke, cancer, and other diseases. When you're trying to burn fat, doesn't it make sense to cut fats out of your diet?


Other people also turn to diet pills, also known as dietary supplements, to help boost the effects of diet and exercise. These pills can't replace good old diet and exercise, but they are capable of helping to moderately increase your results. Unless they are FDA approved, it would be wise to stay away from such pills, as questionable companies often market products that are unsafe. Unfortunately, some people are so desperate to lose weight that they will turn to thse dangerous products to help get into shape. A low carb diet plan can help you get started on losing weight, but it's unhealthy to maintain for more than a month or so, not long enough for most people to lose enough weight.

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