Risks of a High Protein, Low Fat Diet

There are some diets in the health and wellness world today that promote eating a high protein, low fat diet to the exclusion of carbohydrates. These diets are not healthy for the individual to use in the long run, and can often cause health issues even when used for a short amount of time to lose weight. These diets are based on research that shows when the body can not gain its energy through carbohydrates like it normally does for pain and organ functions, then it will begin to burn the fat stores of the body in a process called ketosis, which means the body is burning fat instead of glucose from the carbohydrates. While this is beneficial to losing fat stores that are hard to get rid of by other means, it is not as healthy for the body as a low fat, high fiber diet would be, which is much more balanced.




It is very difficult to have a high protein, low fat diet and not obtain too much cholesterol, since there is a lot of cholesterol in high protein foods. Even if using products that are reduced fat and lean meats, there is still too much cholesterol that is obtained in a person's diet if the majority of what the person is eating is protein. High cholesterol leads to a variety of different issues, the main ones being heart disease, strokes and even cancer.


Another problem with a high protein, low fat diet is that the calcium that is taken in through the different dairy products does not have the vitamins and minerals that are needed to bind with to maintain that calcium level. Instead, people on a high protein, low fat diet tend to excrete more calcium from their bodies which can lead to health problems such as kidney stones and also osteoporosis if the diet is consumed over a long period of time.


Other effects of a high protein, low fat diet are that the person can feel nauseous while on the diet and it can also cause bad peath. More serious issues are that, besides kidney stones and heart disease, other organs can start to fail, such as the kidneys as a whole, and it can also cause gout. The risk of cancer mentioned above is also escalated by the lack of fiber in a high protein, low fat diet, which means that there are not the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that the body needs to fight cancer.

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