Simple Changes to Make a Low Fat Diet Menu

Whether an individual is trying to lose weight or not, learning to create a low fat diet menu is an important skill to living a healthy lifestyle. There are simple ways to create this type of a menu and it does not require sacrificing taste to do it. There are many different websites and cookbooks on the market today that can also help each individual create the best low fat diet menu for them.


Reducing Fat and Preserving Taste

Many individuals who love eating meat fear that creating a low fat diet will mean that they have to cut it out altogether or that they will not be able to create their favorite dishes. There are simple ways to reduce the fat content in meat so that the same cuts can be used and the dishes can be created. With chicken, the main way to use it in a low fat diet menu is to not use the skin when cooking it. Although the skin helps to keep the meat moist while cooking, it adds extra fat to the meat which is not needed or healthy. Instead of keeping the skin on, individuals can still maintain the moistness of the meat by using a non-fat marinate while cooking, adding more of the marinade throughout the cooking process to keep the meat moist as well as flavorful. Also, not using the skin does not mean that peaded chicken is lost forever in a low fat diet menu, it merely means that there will not be skin under the crispy peading. The chicken can be cooked with the peading in the oven or by frying it in a pan with low fat cooking oil.

For red meats which are higher in fat and cholesterol, it is important to find the leanest cuts of meat possible and to reduce the amount of red meat eaten in a low fat diet menu. Trimming off the fat from all types of meat is important since it is not healthy or needed in the diet. Also, substituting turkey burger instead of hamburger is a way to reduce fat without sacrificing taste. If hamburger is desired, the leanest type should be bought, with a ten percent fat content at the highest and all excess grease drained off before using the burger in dishes after powning it.

Dairy products are also high in fat, so buying low fat or non fat dairy items is another way to reduce fat in a low fat diet menu. This allows individuals to still use these items in their dishes but it can drastically reduce the fat in their diet.

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