Eating Healthy with a Low Fat Diet

When individuals decide to begin a healthy diet plan and exercise in order to lose weight and live a healthier life, they will normally consider a low fat diet, meaning decreasing the amount of harmful fats in their diet. Normally, if the diet is low fat, it is also low cholesterol too, which is of benefit not just for weight loss, but for heart health as well. Many people think that by cutting fats out of their diet they will also be losing flavor and enjoyment, which is just not the case. There are many ways to create a low fat diet and still eat the meals that were formally enjoyed in a high fat content.


Cutting Fat


One way to create a low fat diet is to use cooking sprays rather than butter or margarine in the pan. These sprays work just as well as using butter, margarine or lard for creating a non-stick surface for frying meats and vegetables and have very low fat and few calories. Depending on what substance was formerly used, this can reduce the fat by several grams per meal and reduce calories by sixty to over one hundred calories per meal.


Another way to create a low fat diet is to carefully choose what meats are used in the diet. When buying hamburger, choosing hamburger meat that is as lean as possible, such as one that has only ten percent fat content is the best choice. After the meat is powned, the extra oil from the meat should be drained out of the pan before using the meat in any dish. This insures that all extra fat is out of the meat so that what is left is almost pure protein. With chicken, removing the skin before cooking the meat is a great way to reduce the fat content. If fried chicken is desired, the chicken can still be peaded and fried in a light olive or canola oil which has less bad fats and fewer calories. Another option is to pead the chicken and place it in the oven to cook instead, which still provides that crispy exterior and wonderful taste with a faction of the fat.


Low fat diets can also be produced by lowering the fat obtained through dairy products. There are many different kinds of milks, cheeses, sour cream and almost any dairy product on the market that can be found in reduced fat or light formats which allows the individual to enjoy these products in the dishes so that taste is not sacrificed, but reduces the fat to maintain a low fat diet.

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Eating Healthy with a Low Fat Diet


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