Creating a Low Fat, Low Cholesterol Diet

There are many different diets on the market today that claim to be the best way for individuals to lose weight, such as a high protein, low fat diet which is usually low in carbohydrates as well. Although these diets will often achieve their claims, there are also health risks involved in going to extremes to lose weight, since the basic food groups are not met and the body has to work extra hard in some areas which can cause health problems rather than solutions. When choosing a weight loss plan, individuals should consult their doctor beforehand to make sure there are not any health situations that they need to be aware of and to discuss the nutrition of the diet plan that they are considering embarking upon.


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Low fat and low cholesterol diets are a fairly good means most of the time to maintain a healthy diet but to also lose weight. The body does need some fat and good cholesterol in the diet in order to function properly, so eliminating these materials completely is not a wise choice. It is wise, however, to decrease the amounts of saturated fat and bad cholesterol that usually accompanies it in the diet so that the body can lose weight and still function properly.


There are easy ways to start to achieve a low fat low cholesterol diet. One of the best ways is to reduce the amount of red meat that is eaten since it is higher in fat and cholesterol that chicken or fish. If individuals really love red meat, they can often substitute turkey burger without being to tell much if any difference in taste. For steaks or other large cuts of meat, it is important to trim all excess fat from the meat and to prepare it without adding extra fat to the meat in a low fat, low cholesterol diet. Grilling is a great way to prepare any type of meat since it naturally allows the extra fat to be cooked off and to fall away from the meat so that the fat content is reduced.


Another way to create a low fat, low cholesterol diet is to use cooking sprays rather than oils, butter or margarine as much as possible when cooking. The cooking sprays work just as well as these other oils and have a fraction of the fat and cholesterol content and in many cases are fat and cholesterol free. When baking, there are also substitutes for oils in the peads or muffins, such as using apple sauce instead, which maintain the moistness of the peads without changing the taste.

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